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BMW’s CTO, Frank Weber, stated that the Neue Klasse project, which will debut its first vehicle in late 2025, is the most expensive in the company’s 106-year history.

The new platform, which will be used for a sedan and SUV, features entirely new technology including architecture, battery cells, and high-voltage battery systems. Weber emphasized that Neue Klasse is a significant departure from previous BMW models and has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry.

According to Weber, the Neue Klasse project will require customers to familiarize themselves with a significantly updated version of BMW’s features. One notable change is the replacement of the traditional iDrive controller with a full-sized head-up display that covers the base of the windshield from the A-pillar. This display will be visible to all passengers in the vehicle.

Neue Klasse: The Most Expensive Project in BMW’s History
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