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First drive reviews for the i7 are starting to get released! If you see new ones as they come out add them here.

These are the reviews I've seen so far.


While the basic straight-six-powered 740i is perfectly fine for those who want a smooth and quiet luxury sedan, BMW has something with a bit more performance. The only way to get V8 in the 7-Series now is in the 760i xDrive. Driving it, I was conflicted. A 536-hp twin-turbo V8 is nothing to sneeze at, especially when it can hurl a 5,000-pound luxury sedan to 60 mph in just over four seconds. But driving the all-electric i7 spoiled me with equally impressive acceleration and zero-lag torque. For buyers who want a large luxury sedan with performance aspirations, the 760i will be the one to get. For me, I prefer the silent swiftness of the i7. It feels more in character with a vehicle this size.


Overall, the 2023 BMW i7 delivers an excellent driving experience and very high levels of comfort – especially if you opt for the Executive Lounge Seating – but so many of its technology features are needlessly complicated. That might be particularly problematic considering that BMW otherwise went down a more traditional path with the i7 compared to its more futuristic rivals. If you’re seeking a more traditional luxury sedan experience from an EV, it stands to reason you may also prefer more traditional controls. In any event, each of these excellent luxury EVs has their own idiosyncrasies and drawbacks – a thorough test drive of them all is recommended to figure out which may work best for your particular needs and tastes.

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Serious dilemmas arise in the i7, one being where to sit. BMW's studies show that 7 Series buyers typically take the wheel, but this generation may help reduce unemployment among chauffeurs thanks to the car's amazing second row. Spaciousness abounds back there and there's no compromise to comfort, quality, or amenities—it's a sublime place to watch scenery pass by, aided by the expansive LED-accented glass roof.

Technology, too, remains prominent. Each door contains a 5.5-inch touchscreen that controls personal climate, seat, and light settings. Yet these novel gizmos are outdone by the available 31-inch, 8K resolution display that lowers from the ceiling. It presents myriad entertainment options and adds a Theater mode, which closes the sunshades and reclines the seats for an ideal viewing experience.

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